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Art and the Internet

We all know the mainstream internet, but what about the people that use the internet to make art?


After the bubble burst, the remaining technology companies figure out how to survive.

The Bubble

After extreme growth in the late 1990s, the tech industry crashed in March of 2000. Months later, the 9/11 terrorist attacks would alter our relationship with technology forever.

Before Facebook

What did social networking look like before Facebook?


Web 1, 2, 3... why do people refer to the World Wide Web with versions?

Free Culture

The rise of Napster ushers in P2P networks and concerns of piracy. Arguments for the distribution of cultural artifacts are made by Lawrence Lessig with the introduction of Creative Commons.

Communication Methods

At it's heart, the internet is a communication tool. What can we learn from the ways we've tried communicating on the internet?


What have online communities looked like? A memoiresque journey through the rise of walled gardens, bulletin board systems and underground scenes.


The Tech Model Railroad Club at MIT births the term hacker. What does it mean to be a hacker?


What makes a computer a computer? How does it work?


Douglas Engelbart founds the field of Human Computer Interaction and technology becomes mainstream through exponential growth in computing power and user friendly interfaces.


J.C.R. Licklider envisions a world of networked computers. A group of pioneers turn his idea into a reality.

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